Mike Leavitt

Mike Leavitt "after" - Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew

Mike Leavitt
"Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew"
acrylic and marker on vintage paint-by-numbers
$1,000 ( for set of three ) - Available
"Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew"
Illustration in ink & acrylic by Michael Leavitt, 2071, captured on a rare day of non-nuclear natural daylight.
Excerpt below taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Earth
Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew (SECC)
This singular government agency engineers Earth’s outer-most elements to withstand the widening dangers of outer space. All surface species and environments are a vigilantly orchestrated shield against aerial demise. SECC is author of Sky Womb™(hyperlink), Bodies of Water®* and EarthCrust (patent pending). Susceptible to airborne transmittance and solar strife since the stratospheres collapsed, Earthlings survive underground and off-planet with intermittent and highly coveted exposure to SECC’s manicured fabrications.
This internationally-funded agency is increasingly essential with the sun’s darkening and deteriorating gravitational pull. Earth gradually resembles a hurling asteroid without the consistent orbit of a revolving sphere. SECC modifies the planet for balance. Tightly welded re-generations of air, land and sea temper tectonic bulging and prevent damage from collisions with outer space bodies. Fiber-cast flora and fauna replicate the precise visceral and aesthetic experience of ancient nature. SECC working hours are restricted to non-nuclear periods of solar light. Plans are currently underway to replace all solar light with a safer, more efficient form of SECC Brand Sunlight™.
SECC Controversy
Ultra-Liberal and radically Conservative fringe groups level free-wheeling charges against the SECC. Some claim that the agency is founded on propaganda and false science. The 2058 International Replace the Atmosphere Convention(hyperlink) was nearly derailed by so-called “Pro-Nature” activists. Once hailed as a multi-lateral unifier of disparate countries and “the most effective means of world peace” (Dying Planet Watch Quarterly, November 7, 2021), SECC now stands trial on fraud charges in several rogue nations. Bristol Palin IV and her former White House aid, Maria Limbaugh**, run the GSBG (God Sent Big Government) lobby aimed at dismantling the SECC, funded by loyalists to the defunct religion once known as Christianity. Michael Moore, since emerging from cryogenic fat freezing, has returned with recent Hollywood blockbusters “SECC & Me” and “Bowling for SECC”. High-profile elite, including Electramaximillianna and Ouagabuagadigania Pitt-Jolie, have joined Sal Gore’s PowerPointHolograph™ “An Convenient Lie: SECC” lecture circuit.
*a licensed product of The International Utility Control, LLC.
**one of countless children of illegal immigrants born out of wedlock to the one-time U.S. Ambassador to North Korea, Rush Limbaugh.


Rich Lehl

Rich Lehl
Bigfoot does Mountain Waterfall Paradise
Available - $399.95


Lisa Petrucci

Lisa Petrucci
Tiger Cubs at Play, 2011
Liquid acrylic on PBN
14 x 10 inches
Available - $300
As a kid, my favorite PBN's were always the animal ones! Especially jungle cats, kittens, and horsies!
--Lisa Petrucci