Ryan Feddersen

Ryan Feddersen

The Bumber By Number art exhibit at Bumbershoot featured an installation by artist Ryan Feddersen, creating a fully immersive interactive audience participatory paint-by-number homage to Edouard Manet's "The Picnic" ("Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe").

Ryan's detailed original art in black and white covered a three dimensional wall 8'x36'.

A detail of Ryan's mural art installation

The method for the public audience of artists to color and finish the mural art was as follows:

The welcoming table had color swatches that "guests to the picnic" chose from. The guest takes their color swatch reference to the installation's picnic blanket, which has baskets of food which correspond in color to the color swatches. With that food, the participant finds the number on the wall mural corresponding to the number on the swatch, and becomes the artist creating the picnic environment.

The numbered color swatches corresponding to the colors of the "food" in the picnic.

The "food" Ryan created to finish her project is in actuality melted crayons cast in molds she made from real food. Each cast crayon piece is an individual hand made piece of art. It's uncanny likeness to real food adds a surreal element to the fun creation which develops over the course of the three day festival.

The picnic food items in the baskets are all individual pieces of art cast from melted crayons into Ryan's molds from real food. The detail fooled many people into thinking they were looking at real food.

Bridget was one of the first picnic guests to begin coloring with the food. She chose a perfect asparagus stalk to add her touch to the project.

 Getting Ready

 The Picnic scene

 The picnic was a bounty of several baskets of food

 The eager crowd participates on Saturday getting the weekend project off to a good start

Working and blending into the picnic environment installation

 Working on Saturday

 Artist, Laurie Lee Yockey Brom stops in to work on the picnic with a green pear slice

 Everyone who saw the exhibit wanted to work on the picnic scene

Coloring with the number ten pink swatch meant that you'd be coloring with a slice of ham 

 Those pink ham slices are so good for fleshing out some details

Saturday evening - Pretty good  for Day One progress

 Sunday evening - Day Two progress

 Monday evening - Day Three

Yummy picnic scene

Beet it!

Q13FOX News Anchor, Bill Wixie joins the picnic with a slice of green pear, getting some of those hard to reach upper area efforts on Labor Day.

Young and old, big and small alike, loved the interaction with Ryan's "Picnic" scene installation.

Max, Micah, and Lucas join in the fun

Conscientiousness is the trait of being painstaking and careful, 
especially in the making of true art from the soul.

Shelora, Bill, Ryan, Marlow and JoDavid call it a wrap on Labor Day evening at the end of a successful Bumbershoot Visual Art Show Event. 
We had a blast!